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Lifestyle photographer, Joshua Atticks specializes in creating beautiful, natural photographs of couples, families, and children. Based in Cape Elizabeth, Josh is available throughout Southern Maine offering photography sessions full of laughter and fun while creating amazing images that will melt your heart for years to come. Life-Sessions are about capturing and celebrating the moments of pure joy that is abound in our lives but yet so fleeting. Book a session today and capture the love and joy of your family with a style that is distinctively fresh and creative. These are Lifesessions!

Authentic · Real · Creative

These are Lifesessions

Family photography should be creative, beautiful and authentic all at the same time . As a photographer I embrace each families unique characteristics and capture that moment. Shy, quirky, rascally; it's what makes us all unique. These will be the pictures that will mean the most years later. It's the moment when our natural guard is down and our inner joys and true self come to light. These are Lifesessions.

And dogs are always welcome!

Only in Maine

"The way life should be"

With it's gorgeous coast, forests, mountains, lakes, and quaint little towns; Maine really has it all. As a family photographer for over 10 years I have found all the sweet spots and know how to use light in a way that is always gorgeous. Let me take you to some of Maine finest spots for a photo session like no other place in the world could offer.

Available for the warm and glowing autumn session here in Maine. It's my favorite light of the year.

Joshua Atticks