Welcome to Lifesessions

Photography is like magic to me and I've always been fascinated how a moment in time can capture so much. A good photograph will make you laugh or cry or even gasp with delight. That's the power of stills.

These are my furry friends taken early in 2019.

They Grow Up So Fast

Time - it's the one constant for all of us. Before you know it our little kiddos are big kiddos and then adults. Photography let's us hold on a little bit longer. It's a refresher to showing us who we were and what we looked like. This kind of photography only gets better and more precious as time goes on.


How did you start out in photography?

My photographic journey started with landscapes and cityscapes. Then, one day my son was born and well, everything changed. People having great times, loving life, cherishing moments – this became my focus. I still do lots of landscapes except they usually always have a person, family, or couple enjoying the beautiful moment too. I’ve never looked back.

How would you describe your style?

My style is fun, creative and I use my personality to make clients feel comfortable, creating images that are beautiful and real. I understand that every person and family is unique. I embrace this and will use my experience to create images that are a true reflection of you.

What should I wear?

Your style is all your own so the first rule is to just be who you are and wear what you are comfortable in. For families I recommend having a common theme with your clothing selection without being too matchy-matchy. As for color choices I will often look to the color wheel and choose analogous colors (colors found next to each other) for evening light and complementary colors (colors found opposite of each other) for bright mid day light. White is often a favorite with clients as it is easy to match and coordinate but should be used in moderation and sprinkled throughout an image. When a group is all wearing white the images can sometimes look washed out and flat. I also recommend avoiding clothing with busy logos and patterns (unless that is your style). Once you session is booked I will supply you with an information packet that will provide more information and wardrobe tips.

Are you insured?

Yes, I carry general liability insurance as well as equipment insurance through Professional Photographers of America.

When and where will the session be?

I prefer to conduct portrait, family and couples sessions in the evening when the light is just right. This is usually about an hour before sunset which is perfect for sessions at the beach, park or field. Urban and locations inside or around buildings or trees can be booked anytime. I book one session per day and will include a rain date within a week for clients that are not local to the area. For those who are early risers, I love doing early morning sunrise sessions for the quality of light and ambiance mother nature offers at this special time.

Do you do other kinds of photography?

Yes! First and foremost I am a people photographer. I photograph couples in love, weddings, maternity, families of all ages and senior portraits too. I am a location photographer so Maine is my backdrop and people are my focus.

What makes you special?

One thing that my clients often tell me is they were genuinely surprised at how much fun they had during their photo session. This I can completely understand as being photographed is not the norm for many of us and being followed around by a guy with a huge camera can be a bit intimidating. What a relief when the photo session was actually a really fun time and some amazing art was created too. My greatest asset is my ability to connect with people making them feel good, at ease and beautiful all at the same time. Second to that would be my lighting and posing skills which I have been honing to a mastery level for the last 10 years. Photography is a craft incorporating many skills and requires time, patience, practice and persistence to do well. What separates my work from others is way I communicate with my clients, interpret a moment and then capture it. It's the way I interact or don't interact, the humor I inject or the emotion that I provoke. It's the way I conduct myself when we meet for the first time and the way I make my clients feel during a session. I want you to be you and I will be just the way I am too.

How long until I am able to see my images?

My typical turn around time for family and portrait sessions is about one-two weeks depending on the season. When your images are edited and ready for viewing I will email you an access code to your online proofing gallery. From there you can order prints, download digital copies, and even choose images for an album.

Can you tell us a bit more about you?

I am a husband and a dad. I have 2 great kids who are growing up way to fast. When I'm not photographing people or landscapes you can find me treating oncology patients as an RN a Maine Medical Center. I enjoy nature; camping, hiking, biking, or just exploring all the beautiful things this world has given us. Maine is my home.

This sounds great, how do I proceed?

Yeah! Let me know via email that you would like to book the date and I’ll mark my calendar. Once we have agreed to a date please go to my Terms and Conditions page, sign the form and I’ll reserve the date in my calendar. I do not require a deposit to reserve the date but ask that payment be made in full at the time of the session or prior. Payment can be made with cash, check, Venmo or online with a credit card.

Do you do gift certificates?

I sure do! To order just go to my home page and scroll down until you see the link for gift certificates. Click on the shopping cart icon and I'll have the certificate sent out to the address you specify.