Choosing a location

I choose a location more for the quality of the light than the background elements that will be in the frame. That said, most any locations can work well if approached properly with the lighting in mind. Sometimes what looks like an ideal place for a photograph may not work well and conversely, what looks like a horrible location can yield the most fantastic images all due to the quality of light. I prefer to schedule most outdoor sessions in the later evening or very early morning for the best quality of light. If the location has buildings, trees, or any other shade casting elements than earlier in the day will also work well. Popular locations in the Portland area include Fort Williams park, any of the various lighthouses, the Old Port, Kettle Cove, Ferry Beach, and any field, forest or farm in the area. You can also choose your home or any other special place to have your photos done.

Here are some of my favorite locations for family photo sessions:

Fort Williams Park

Cape Elizabeth, maine

Fort Williams Park has it all for photo sessions. There is a small beach, cliffs, a rocky coast, promenades, old forts, fields and to top it off the stunning Portland Head Light lighthouse. There is plenty of parking but it costs $2 per hour for non residents. Dogs are welcome here!

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Gilsland Farm Audubon Center

Falmouth, Maine

Located in Falmouth off rt. 1, Audubon Center has loads of great fields, a barn, tall grass, a woodsy area, and dirt roads that all make for great family photography. Parking is easy and free but unfortunately dogs are not allowed.

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Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

South Portland, Maine

The lighthouse is at the end of a long tide breaker in the middle of Casco Bay. It's gorgeous in the morning for first light and in the golden evening glow of sunset. It is on the campus of SMCC so parking isn't always convenient. It's always open to enjoy and dogs are welcome too.

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Your Own Backyard

Anywhere, Maine

Sometimes the best place is you own place. It's convenient and easy with children and most areas have loads of great spots for family photography.

Ferry Beach

Scarborough, Maine

Ferry Beach in Scarborough is one of the few places around Portland that offers a view of the sun setting over the water. It is situated along the Scarborough river channel is drains almost empty when the tide is out.

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A Pretty Field

Anywhere, Maine

Most any field will look gorgeous during golden hour. If you have location near your home or drive by a certain place on your daily commute it might just be the perfect spot.