Selecting Your Wardrobe

Family Photography Wardrobe Selection

Wardrobe selection is essential for creating wonderful family images. When considering your wardrobe start with what compliments you and your style as well as the group you will be with. The clothing should be flattering, well fitting, and bring the attention to the subjects being photographed rather than to the clothing itself. Colors that photograph well include soft earth tones as well as the primary colors such as reds, blues (navy) and yellows. Try to stay clear of fluorescence’s, busy designs, logos, or anything that will compete for your eyes attention. Also avoid incorporating too much white clothing. While is very reflective and can wash out the existing colors and shadows in an image. Sprinkle in a bit of white here and there but not one for the entire family.

Wardrobe Tips from your Family Photographer

A very useful too to help find colors that work is to incorporate a Color Wheel into you planning. Be sure to take into consideration where your photos will be taken and pick colors and tones that will compliment the scene. Complementary or Triad color sets are a good starting point. For groups, coordinating colors is the way to go rather than trying to match each other perfectly. Having two or three coordinating colors (Triad) of various shades and tones adds interest and depth to the image.

How to pick you wardrobe for your photo session

Whatever your style is be sure to show it off! If you have a flare for color be sure to inject something punchy into your wardrobe. Build on your wardrobe and (weather depending) have multiple layers for variety. Add on some spice with the addition of scarves, vests, ribbons (in the hair), hats, blazers, neck ties, belts, tights, boots, or a cardigan. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of flare into your photos! Shoes matter too and they help to make a cohesive look to the image. Try to avoid themed kids shoes, flip flops, Crocs and the like and shoot for leather options, All-Stars, Toms, cowboy boots, Vans or ditch the shoes entirely and go with bare feet. For the gentlemen I recommend avoiding shorts and always choose darker socks if you have the choice. Please feel free to bring additional wardrobes.

"The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do."

—Andy Warhol